Y-PEER and Me is an online campaign to motivate all Y-PEERians and young people around the world to share their successful stories and best practices. This campaign also aims to activate Y-PEER online platforms to use it as effective tool for change and youth empowerment. To participate, you need to fill this form (link for sharing my y-peer story) and write about your experience or story within Y-PEER.

Below you can see some stories from Y-PEER members.

Hamza Member in Y-PEER Jordan 01.06.2016

Hamza Member in Y-PEER Jordan

I joined Y-Peer in May, 2013. I enrolled in many trainings with Y-Peer. Recently, I took the regional TOT on humanitarian settings in Jordan, Amman with other 20 Y-Peerians from Arab Region. During the past three years I dedicated my time, knowledge and skills to advocate young peoples SRHR, Gender and HIV/AIDS, and dealing with emergency situations. I demonstrated this by working in Peer Education Projects in Palestine Gaza Strip, engaging in community outreach and training based activities designed by the Y-Peer network.
 Fahd member in Y-PEER Iraq 01.05.2016

Fahd member in Y-PEER Iraq

In the beginning, I had a concern in topics like humanity and I had many ideas, but did not know how to share them with the community. One day I was practicing my life normally , then somebody told me there is a session on violence against women in an organization so I decided to attend. Few months later they called me and told me about the training of peers. And since then I am an active member in Y-PEER Iraq.
Alaamember in Y-PEER EGYPT 01.05.2016

Alaamember in Y-PEER EGYPT

I joined the Y-PEER EGYPT as a peer educator then I turned into a national trainer after an amazing training with best trainers you can work with. I can make a change in my society to provide a right knowledge For my peers of youth , I am proud to be one of the good Citizens while others still negative , I am trying to be a professional trainer in the reproductive health  and develop the nursing system as I can as I study nursing so Wish me good luck.
Akrm Aburas Libya 01.04.2016

Akrm Aburas Libya

Y-PEER Libya was launched in 2010. I was able to establish a network with the five of memebers aroudn the Libya. The network has changed my  life, as now I am able to share the accurate information with my friends and peers on STIs, HIV and bad habits. As part of Y-PEER, I feel I have the power to make changes and contribute ti healthy living of our youth

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