Regional center PETRI-SOFIA

The Peer Education Training and Research Institute (PETRI)
The Peer Education Training and Research Institute (PETRI) - Sofia was established through a partnership between the National Center for Public Health and Analyses and UNFPA Eastern Europe and Central Asia Regional Office (EECARO).
PETRI represents a regional resource center and knowledge hub for youth policies and sexual and reproductive health services and education, with specific focus on addressing the needs of vulnerable and most-at- risk young people. PETRI role is to accumulate knowledge, mobilize resources and link the beneficiaries needs in knowledge, capacities, high-quality programme development and implementation, to the expertise and know how existing in the region, including the expertise of young people. PETRI's main goal is to build and maintain a regional network of organizations and individuals who implement and design high quality life skills based and peer education programs for successful improvement of youth knowledge attitude and skills about sexual and reproductive health and HIV prevention.


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