Y-PEER at the Arab World Advocacy Network for SRHR (AWAN)

Y-PEER at the Arab World Advocacy Network for SRHR (AWAN)

As part of the Y-PEERs plan of more structural and strategic collaboration, partnership and exchange, representative from the Y-PEER International Center for Youth Development (ICYD) attended a high level regional meeting which was held in Tunis on 7-8 March 2017. Rutgers and the International Planned Parenthood Federation Arab World Regional Office (IPPF/AWRO) organized the meeting in order to define a join regional Civil Societies Organizations (CSOs) advocacy agenda for young peoples and women s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and gender equality.

During the meeting, more than 24 non-governmental organizations from the MENA region attended the two days meeting and shared their experiences and thoughts as leading organizations in the field of SRHR advocacy movement on the ground. Y-PEER left a remarkable impact on the meeting outcomes since young peoples SRHR is in the core of Y-PEER mandate and we have a rich source of experiences and success stories that reflect the effective contributions of Y-PEER network to the young peoples and womens lives.

In addition and as an outcome of the meeting, we established a regional network for SRHR advocacy called Arab World Advocacy Network for SRHR AWAN that aims at unifying the advocacy efforts for SRHR and gender equality in the Arab World. Y-PEER and through its vast experience as a youth led network, actively participated in forming and shaping the AWANs network vision, message, goals and objectives which was later adopted. Moreover, the organizers selected the Y-PEER as a member in the core committee which consists of four other regional organizations: UNFPA ASRO, League of Arab States, Parliamentarians on Population & Development and IPPF/ASRO.

The establishment of AWAN network as a collective body is important to the sexual and reproductive health and rights programming in the MENA region because it unifies the most strong and nationally grounded organizations and advocates in the MENA region toward common vision, policies and goals. Thus, this will enhance and empower the SRHR advocacy movement through preventing duplication of services, working as a one body, strengthening partnerships and making a powerful critical mass on decision and policy makers in the MENA region.

Written by: Hamza Moghari
Y-PEER International Fellow at Y-PEER ICYD Amman
April 16, 2017

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