New Y-PEER - Youth Center in Turkmenistan

New Y-PEER - Youth Center in Turkmenistan On the 2nd of May, 2017 New Youth Center Y-PEER, opened its doors to Turkmen youth and adolescents at the Youth Palace under the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan.  The main idea is to promote Healthy Life Style through the peer-to-peer methodology. The Youth Center-Y-PEER is supported by UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) and the Ministry of Education. 

This is the second Youth Center in Turkmenistan. The first Youth Centers was launched with a support of UNFPA and Youth Organization of Turkmenistan in Ashgabat in October 2011. This center gives a platform for young people to promote healthy living among their peers, and to full field their potential. As a consequence it gives a big support to progress Y-PEER movement in Turkmenistan.

The grand opening of the center featured presentations of the Y-PEER volunteers on the statistics and activities of the peer educators. The volunteers shared that more than 26,000 young people, including adolescents, already had an opportunity to reflect on their lifestyle and increase their knowledge on healthy and responsible living through peer-to-peer edutainment activities since the launch of the first Youth Centers in Turkmenistan.  

As I mentioned before, Y- PEER gives an opportunity not only be informed with peer-to-peer education, to get deeply knowledge about your health, to break stereotypes about gender equality, but also it develops the creative potential of Turkmen youth. At opening ceremony, Y- PEER volunteer sang lyrically songs, read verses of Turkmen writers about bad habits, they showed their talents. After that, two of our volunteers made an interesting quiz session on healthy lifestyle with every guest. The culmination of the launch became the flash mob, where all event participants joined a lively Turkmen dance of Kushtdepti.

We Y-PEER Turkmenistan, hope that new Youth Center will bring big achievements as for Y-PEER Turkmenistan and for whole Y-PEER in the world!!!

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