Asia Pacific Forum of Sustainable Development Goal

Asia Pacific Forum of Sustainable Development Goal

On 23-25th March 2017, Youth Constituency of Asia Pacific Regional CSO Engagement Mechanism(APRCEM), ARROW & Youth-LEAD jointly organized a regional youth Forum to get the voices of young people from the region. The workshop titled as "Young People in the SDGS: sustainable Solutions to Eradicate Poverty and Promote Prosperity" was focused on discussions on all 17 SDGs and providing key recommendations to the Civil Society networks as well as National government who were attending ESCAP: Asia Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development (APFSD) 

Y-PEER was one of the partner organisation who attended the Pre-Youth Forum. Representatives of Y-PEER from National Networks in Asia Pacific Region as well as Y-PEER Asia Pacific Center were present in the workshop who contributed the key discussions and provided suggestions during the three-day forum.

As the result of the 3 days forum, Asia Pacific Youth Call to action was announced which Y-PEER and other organisation endorsed on 25th March. We Y-PEER as a Global Network of Young People would like to share the endorsed youth Call for action document and would request all our national networks and partners to within your country networks and specifically on country delegations who will be attending the APFSD.
To Download / View the Youth Call to action please click below:
Youth Call to Action (as per upload)

Scripted by : Sangeet Kayastha,
Y-PEER Asia Pacific Center

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